Sunday, July 26, 2009

~CVS Deals for Today~

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Clearance $1.94- .75 cents = $1.19
Printer Paper 2/$10, get $5 ECB back!

Herbal Essence Shampoo $2.99- $1 Q = $1.99, earn $1 ECB
Herbal Essence Hairspray FREE with coupon in today's paper because I bought the Shampoo.
Intuition Razor $8.99- $4 Q = $4.99, earn $2 ECB
CVS Tampons $1.89, Earn $1.89 ECB
Colgate Toothpaste $2.88- $1Q= $1.88 , earn $2 ECB
Pilot Pens 2 pk, .99 cents each, earn .99 cents ECB

Today was a GREAT day at CVS!!

I'm missing my regular cashier though, they have a new one up there and she's not very friendly :( I had to get ALOT of rainchecks today for the sales, they were out.


Ankur Kapil said...

its nice...............

ank said...

its nice...............

Amy said...

I had a great day at CVS Sunday, too!! I took pics for you, but forgot to bring my camera with me to work to put them on my computer and send them to you. I will def do that tomorrow. I got to my CVS (North Augusta) at about 8:15 am, hoping I would be able to get the free school supplies before they ran out. There was a lady already there that bet me and what sucked was she had her buggy so full of free stuff, I knew she had to be using more than one CVS ECB card. So, when she went to the register, I was nosey and kinda stood where I could see what was going on and sure enough, she used 4 different cards!!! That is so UNFAIR!! I really can't believe they let her do that. I asked the cashier about it when I checked out and she said that was the 1st time they had ever seen that lady in that store, that they remember. So, obviously she isnt a regular, like myself. The girl said she was going to talk to the manager about the situation. I mean, if she was shopping for 4 different family members, I guess that is legit, but I really dont think that is the case. I really got the feeling she was being greedy. I wasnt able to get my limit on the erasers, or a cute lil' stapler, but I did get a rain check. The woman just ticked me off. I felt better when me reciept printed and I paid like nothing. =) My total was $40 something before coupons, $16.84 after coupons and I used 16 ECB's, so I only paid 84 cents OOP!!! And got 13 ECB's!! That awesome purchase made me forget all about that greedy woman, for a little bit anyway!! =)