Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Coupons in Sunday's Paper~

I just wanted to say that I'm so disappointed in the coupons in today's paper. I thought that since last Sunday was a holiday and we didn't get any coupons that today would be FULL of them.. Only a little over $60 in the paper today, not worth buying two. I bought one and was disappointed. I hope that next week is alot better :) I still got some great deals at CVS, Target, and Wags today!


Spend $20 on Charmin Basic 12 ct., Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft bathroom tissue 9 ct. or Bounty Basic 6 pk. paper towels SALE $5.88 GET $5 ECB on receipt.

~I LOVE CVS!! 05/31/09~

The CVS on Old Petersburg Rd . is the BEST!!

Transaction #1~ 2 Hawaiian Tropics Suntan Lotion $8.99 each -$3.99 EBC -$2(Qpon)-$2(Qpon)=9.99 OOP, BUY 2 , like I did, get a $10 RR at checkout!!! Get the $2 Q at PRINT TWO!!
Total saved $7.99, earned $10 ECB

Transaction #2~
Huggies Wipes 2/$5 -.75(q)-.75(q)=$3.50 for both
Campbells Soup 2/$1- 1.00/2(q) = FREE
Maxwell House Coffee B1G1 free $4.89 for both!-$2 ( ) =$2.89 for both!
Irish Spring $4.99-$1.00 (CVS Q)=$3.99
Soft Soap Body Wash $5.29- $1.50(CVS Q)=$3.79
BUY any 2 Irish Spring or Soft Soap body wash get $4 ECB back !!!
Huggies Little Swimmers $8.99-$2.00(CVS Q)-$1.50(Q)=$5.49
I used my $10 ECB from transaction #1 to pay for this.
Total OOP was $9.66

I got my CVS q's on my receipts from my past CVS trips, so make sure you're saving those!
Total saved in transaction #2 $29.35, earned $4 ECB


~Walgreens 05/31/09~ OOP $7.33

I LOVE the Wags in EVANS!!! The staff is great, NOTHING like the bad service I get on Fury's Ferry Road.

They have a coupon out today, for this location only, $3 of any $10 purchase, after coupons!
They do have these as you walk in the store also.

Mead Envelopes Clearance$1.09
John Frieda 3 pk Root Conditioning Clearance $2.69-$2 (coup)=.69
Crystal Light $1.99 each x 2 =$3.98-$2( =$1.98 for both!
Ecotrin $2-$2( )=FREE, plus you get $2 RR at checkout
Triaminic Vapor Difusor Clearance $4.59
Bic Sol Bella $4.99-$3(coup)=$1.99, you get $1 RR at checkout
I used $2 RR and the $3 coupon from the paper = TOTAL OOPS $7.33
Total savings was $18.39, that includes sales and coupons!!
I got $3 RR back on my receipt!!
I'm having a little trouble with my camera, I will post pics when I get it working :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

~Taking the Day Off~

Hey ya'll, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I wish I could say the same for our house.
I'm taking the day off today. My daughter is sick with strep and I have had no sleep. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Talk to ya'll tomorrow :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

~June All You Magazine~

The June issue of All You magazine has over $112 in coupons!!! GREAT magazine!! Here's a way to get 2 years for only $17.95. Check it out ~
You can only buy this magazine at Wal-Mart or subscribe :) I love this magazine!!

~Sunday's Coupons~

There is supposed to be 2 inserts in this Sunday's paper :)

~ FREE Chocolate ~

Who doesn't need FREE chocolate!! Sign up here and get yours!!

This is for today only, while supplies last. I just got mine :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

~Diaper Deals~

Do you need diapers?? You can get $10 off of your diaper purchase at use referral code : SCAR8239 at checkout. GREAT DEAL!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~ I LOVE Target~ OOP $18.95

Target was marking down their Clearance even more today!! Yes, the store was a mess, but it was sooo worth it!!
Cascade 2 in 1 $3.48-$1 (coup)= $2.48
Baked Lays Potato Chips $3.00 each x 2 = $6 -$1(coup)-$1(coup)-$1(Target coup)=$3 for both!
Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns #2.49-$.75(target coup)-.55 (coup)=$1.19
Ziploc Evolve Plastic Bags $1.34-.75(coup)=.59 cents
Dixie Ultra Plates $1.38 each x 2 =$2.76-.50(coup)-.35(coup)-$1(Target coup)=.91 for Both!!
Ziploc Steam Bags $1.24-55(coup)=.69 cents
Cottonelle Flushable Wipes Refills $1.82-$1 (coup)= .82 cents each, I got 2
Cottonelle Flushable Wipes plus Refill $2.48-$1(coup)=$1.48
Charmin Toilet Paper $3.48-.25(coup)=$3.23 for 8 double rolls!
Bounty Basic Paper Towels .99-.25(coup)=.74 cents each, I had 2 coups so I bought 2.
4 pk Angel Soft Toilet Paper .64 cents
Kleenex 3 pk $2.12-.50(coup)$1.62
Total OOP $18.95

~Kroger Deals~ Total OOP $5.28

I got some good Kroger deals today, thought I would share :)

Ball Park Hot Dogs 4/$5 , I bought 4. $5-$1/2 coupon, I had 2 = $3 for all 5 packs! Great deal~

I got the salad dressing free because I had a coupon, t hat saved me $3.59!

Sara Lee Cheesecake $2.49 -$1 (coup)= $1.49

Minute Rice $1.79- .50 (coup) doubled = .79 cents!

Total OOP $5.28

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~ FREE Playtex Coupons~


Just choose the option that you want to get free coupons for :)

One call, that's all it takes to get some GREAT FREE coupons~! I know that I posted this last week, but I got my coupons in the mail today and so did Lisa. Just call and you can get some GREAT coupons. Lisa called the number and asked for Playtex tampons coupons and they sent her a coupon for 3 BOXES of Playtex Tampons FREE!! I got 2 $3.00 off any Playtex baby item.

Thanks so my friend, Lisa, for sharing this great offer!
Please share what you get if you call, they mailed them to us FAST!!


Sign up at to get some great coupons sent to your in box!

~Angel Soft Coupons~

Here's a great way to get some Angel Soft coupons. Just sign up and print :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

~NEW Printable Coupons~ has a few new printables!! I'm still in need of the SOLO coupons, but it won't let me print any more :( I'm waiting for them to reset that. Print while you can, enjoy the Memorial Day. Thank you to all of our troops, we appreciate everything you do !!

Some of the new ones are:

General Mills Cereal
Hamburger Helper
YoPlait Yogurt
YoPlus Yogurt
Pillsbury Baking Good Products
Nature Valley Granola Bars

~Walgreens Banana Boat Deal~

Walgreens has Banana Boat Sunscreen B1G1 free~~

You can download a $2 Coupon at .I was able to print 2. I don't know if you can use two, but even if you use one, it's a great deal! Use 2 and get 4 bottles and be ready for the summer :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~Another CVS Run Today~

I went back, minus the kids to pick up a few more things, I'm so glad that I did :)

John Frieda Shampoo, Conditioner, and Smoother $6.49 each x 3 =$19.47 -$6.49 (Free shampoo with any $10 John Frieda purchase)-$2(coup)-$2(coup)=$8.98 for all THREE! $10.49 SAVED!

Speed Stick $3.99, got $3.99 ECB on receipt!

Gillette Hair and Body Wash $4.99 Clearance $2.50

Jergens Natural Glow $8.49, Clearance $4.25-$2 (coupon)=$2.25

Glade Sense & Spray on Sale $6.99- $4(coup) =$2.99 each

Total $44.19-$6.49 FREE product-$14 coupons -$10 ECB from another purchase=OOP$13.70

Total Saved today ~ $43.22

Year to Date Savings at CVS....$428.95!!! OH YEAH!!!

~Target Deals~

I had TWO kids with me today, Faith and her little friend and it was an experience. They acted crazy and I had to hurry, but I did grab a few things.
Solo Cups $2.99- .75 cents =$2.15
Dixie Plates $2.99- $1.00 -.50 cents (coup)=$1.49, I bought 2 packs
Ocean Spray Juice $2.54-$1.00 (coup)= $1.54
Alpo Dog Food .99x6 = $5.94-2.97(3 B1G1 free coupons) = $2.97 for 6!!
Purina Dog Food .72 x2=$1.44-.72(b1g1 free coupon) = .72 cents for both!
Ziploc Bags $2.49 x 2 =$4.98 -$2.49 (b1g1 free coupon) = $2.49 for both!
Hefty $5.99-$1.00 (coup) -$1.00(coup)=$3.99 GREAT DEAL!
Total OOP $16.84

~Also at CVS~

Speed Stick you pay $3.99 - $3.99 extra bucks® reward = free after extra bucks free
Extra Bucks® offer limit of 2 per household with card.

Nexcare Band-aids or Tape, get $2 ECB at checkout, Limit 2!

Gain is $5.99, get a $2.00 ECB at checkout. Limit 1

BUY $10.00 or more of John Frieda Collection Shampoo, Conditioner 8.45-9.3 oz or Styler 1.69-12 oz GET A free Frizz-Ease Shampoo or Conditioner 10 oz.
Limit 1

CVS has ALOT of great deals this week, here are just a few!! I'll have to go back without the kids to take advantage of these :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!


Be sure to check out these GREAT 2 DAY SALES AT CVS!!
The CVS on Old Petersburg was out of the Clearasil, but I did get a Raincheck! I did take advantage of the Revlon, Band-aids, Colgate, and the Playtex though :)

~Walgreens Deals~

Angel Soft Toilet Paper Clearance $3.19- .50 (coup)=$2.69 for 12 rolls!
Banana Boat Sunscreen B1G1 free $10.49+$9.49-$9.49-$3.00 RR=$7.49 for BOTH!!
Great deal! I used my RR from last week towards my sunscreen! Still a good deal if you don't have that.

~CVS Deals Today~

CVS has some GREAT deals, but I wasn't able to really look because I had my daughter in tow and she wanted to run around the store :)

Dove Exfoliating Pillows Clearance $2.50-$1(coup)= $1.50

Band-Aids $2.99- .50 (coup)=$2.49, got $2.00 ECB back on receipt

Colgate $2.99-$1.00(coup) =$1.99, got $2.00 ECB back on receipt

Playtex $3.99- $1.00(coup)=$2.99, got $3.00 ECB back on receipt

Revlon Nail Polish $3.99-$1.00(coup)=$2.99, got $3.00 ECB back on receipt

Neutrogena Soap Clearance $1.50 -$1.00 (coup)= .50 cents, Saved $1.99

Aveeno Stress Relief Shower Gel Clearance $3.75, saved $3.74

Total OOP $16.21, GOT $10.00 back in ECB on my receipt for next time :)

~FREE Clorox Wipes~

Buy any 2 Clorox Products, get FREE Clorox Wipes. Just sign up and dowload your coupon.

~New Target Printable Coupons~

There are some great new Target printable coupons on their website.

$1 off
Sutton & Dodge steakhouse quality choice Angus beef Steak or Roast

$1 off
Archer Farms Hot dogs or Smoked Sausage

$1 off
6-oz. or larger Archer Farms chips

$1 off
With purchase of two 6-oz. or larger Chex Mix snack mixes

$1 off
Hefty trash bags

$1 off
Dixie disposable product Bowls or Plates or Grab 'n Go cups

$1 off
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip or Salad Dressing

$2 off
With purchase of two Morningstar products

75¢ off
Pepperidge Farms buns Hot dog or Hamburger

$1 off
12-pk. Pepsi beverage

$1 off
1- or 2-lb. Driscoll's strawberries

50¢ off
Target Brand Napkins or 40-ct. antibacterial moist wipes

Saturday, May 23, 2009

~Target Deals~

I got some great Target deals today! They marked down ALOT of items, but I didn't go overboard, just bought a few :)
Pup-Peroni Dog Treats $2.29 x2=$4.58-$2.00(coup)-$1.00(target coup)-$1.58 for both, that's only .79 cents each!!!
Kleenex 3 pack bundle Clearance$3.60 -.50 (coup) = $3.10 for 3
Kraft Mac & Cheese $1.99-$1.00(coupon) =.99 cents
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, set of 3 :Clearance $3.81-.75 cents=$3.06 for all 3.
Total OOP $11.83

~Quizno's Q Club~

Here's a great way to get coupons from Quizno's! Just sign up!

~Gillette Sample~

Here's a great sample from Gillette! You also get a chance to win a baseball print!

~Kroger Diaper Deals~


Huggies Diapers $8.99 each, I bought two=$17.98-$2.00(coup)-$1.50(coup)-$3.00=$11.48 for both!!!

Pedialyte $4.99 each x 2 =$9.98-$1.50(coup)-$1.50(coup)=$6.98 for both! Also, buy 2 you get a $1.50 Catalina at checkout !!

Kool Aid $1.00 each, I bought two =$2.00-$1.00 (coup)= $1.00 for both!
Total OOP $19.46, Got a $1.50 CAT to use on my next purchase on my receipt.

~Walgreen's Run~

Today, I got some great deals at WAGS!!
I bought 4 of the Off Clip On Starter Kits $8.99 each = $35.96-b1g1 free coupon (I had two of these) =$17.98 for all four

Also, I had 2 coupons for a free Off Clip On Starter Kit $4.99 each = Both were FREE!

Total Saved $27.96

Total Spent $17.98- $14.25 (Rewards on Gift cards earned from last month)=$3.73 OOP!

~Ocean Spray Cranergy~

Here's a great coupon for $1.00 off any Ocean Spray Cranergy Juice Drink. Print the back button to print two.
They had these at Target today on Clearance for $2.54, that's $1.54 with this coupon!

~New Coupons~

There are some great new coupons on Print while you can :)

Also, there are no scheduled coupons for this Sunday's paper because of the holiday, so relax and enjoy some family time. There are still going to be some GREAT CVS deals on Sunday and Monday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

~Publix Finds~

I went to Publix yesterday and got a few deals worth sharing :)
Doggie Treats
Denta Stix B1G1 free $3.79 for both - $2.50(coup)= $1.29 for Both
Jumbo Bone B1G1 free $3.59 for both-$1.00(coup)-$1.00(coup)= $1.59 for both
BallPark hotdogs $3.99 each - $1.00 coup= $6.98, got the Hot dog buns FREE, coupon was on a tearpad by the hotdogs!! Saved $2.69 on those!
I also got A-1 sauce B1G1 free, used 2 $1.00 coupons, and got both for $1.99 GREAT DEAL!
They also have Dannon yogurt for .50 cents each. I bought 6, had a coupon for .60 cents off, so I got all 6 for $2.40, GREAT DEAL!! .40 cts each after coupon.

~Macaroni Grill Home Coupons~

Here's a great way to get a coupon for the Macaroni Grill products that you make at home. I was able to print two by using the back button. ENJOY!! I've tried the chicken alfredo and it was GOOD!

~PF Changs~

Who doesn't LOVE PF Changs?? Here's a great way to get a free lettuce wrap with any entree purchase. Just put in your email address and a coupon will be emailed to you :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~FREE Ketchup Plus Coupons~

I just got this one in the mail yesterday and it is a coupon for a free bottle of Hunt's Ketchup along with $10 worth of coupons for other products!
Just sign up at


~FREE Coupons~

One call, that's all it takes to get FREE coupons !

Call 1-888-310-4290 and get some FREE coupons, I called and got the Playtex coupons. They told me to go to for more info on that.

My friend, Lisa, told me about this. She called and they're going to send her over $5 in Tampax coupons!!

~FREE Gooseberry Patch COOKBOOK~

Want a FREE Cookbook?? Here is your chance, just fill out your info and it'll be mailed straight to you :) Enjoy!! Have a great Thursday everyone!

~Gymboree Sale~

For all of you mom's out there that LOVE Gymboree, NOW is the time to stock up!!
Free shipping on all orders over $100 and it's time to earn your Gymbucks!
Check out their website for more details

~Ensure Coupons and Samples~

For those of you who drink Ensure, you know how expensive it can be. Here's a link to get some great coupons!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~TARGET Deals for Today~ OOP $14.49

Kraft Mayo $1.99x2-$1.00(Target coupon)-$1.00(coupon)-$1.00(coupon)=.98 cents for BOTH!
Ritz Crackers $2.89-$1.00(Target coup)-$1.00(coup)=.89 cents
Wheat Thins $2.66-$2.66(Coup said buy Ritz crackers, get Wheat Thins FREE)= FREE
Mini Pringles $1.99-.50(Target coup)-$.50(coup)=.99 cents
Wet Ones $1.87 each -$1.00(coupon)= .87 cents each!, had 2 coupons
Kraft BBQ Sauce .99-.75(coup)=.24 cents
Oscar Meyer Meat $2.99 each-$1.00/2(coupon)-$1(target coup)=$3.98 for both
Target Orange Juice $1.99-.50(Target coup)=$1.49
Easy Mac .77 each x 6 = $4.62-three $1/2=$1.62 for all 6, that's .27 each!!
Ritz Bitz $2.79-$1.00(coup)=$1.79
100 Calorie Pack $2.54-$1.00(Target coup)-$1.00(coup)=.54 cents!
Total OOP $14.49
I had $19.41 in Coupons!!

~Blue Bunny FREE Offer~

Here's a great way to try Blue Bunny Frozen yogurt for FREE!!

Here's the link to get your rebate form!

~OFF Clip On Repellent Starter Kit B1G1 FREE~

Here's a great coupon for B1G1 free of the OFF Clip On Repellent Starter Kit!

I was able to print 2 by using the back button.

These are on sale at Walgreens this week! This coupon will go quick, so print while you can :)

~Got Books?~

I don't know about you, but we have SOO many books around our house that are just collecting dust. It's time for some Spring/Summer cleaning in our house~ There's a great website that you can go to to turn your books into CASH! They even pay for shipping for you to send your used or new books to them! You just sign up for FREE , type in the books that you have and they'll make you an offer. If you like the offer then send them your books and you get MONEY and more room in the house for new books. :)

Check out this link for more info.

Let me know if you do this, I'd love to hear about your experience.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~Degree for Men Sample~

I love getting FREE samples for my family. I don't remember the last time I had to actually buy travel size products for vacation.

~WOW , I'm so Honored. Thank you~

I just got my first Blog award and I couldn't be happier~Here's the award that I got!!
Thanks so much to Amoora at for nominating me :)