Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~Kroger Rocks~ TOTAL OOP $16.56

Here we go to Kroger~ I had my 15 month old with me today and it was a bit of a challenge, but we made it out and I probably have a few grays in my hair.. LOL I usually am not brave enough to take him with me to the grocery store. What was I thinking?? LOL

I got some AWESOME deals though.. He's my lucky charm :)
Bounty Paper Towels $1 each - .25 (q) doubled = .50 each!! I got 5
Kroger Cream Cheese $1 each, I got 5
Blue Bonnett Butter .75 cents each, I got 2
Kroger Cooking Spray $1.50
Crystal Light 2/$5 - $1(cat coupon) - $2/2 (q) = $2 for both!
Oscar Meyer Hotdogs $4.49 each, I had 5 FREE Oscar Weiner coupons= FREE for all 5!
Kroger Sugar $1.99 each, I got 2
Kroger Gallon Milk $1.99
Kroger Large Eggs $1.79
Total was $55.41, Minus coupons and savings = $16.56 OOP, Tax included!!!! GREAT DEAL!!!
This nice lady gave me a $5 off any $45 or more purchase.. Thank you so much for that!! What a great way to start the day.. I give coupons out all the time in the store and I do believe that God has a way of helping us out.. She was my coupon angel today :)

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