Wednesday, June 10, 2009

~My KROGER Trip Today~

Today was a good day for me at Kroger :)
Tombstone Pizza 4/$10 - $1/2 (q), I had two of these = $8 for all 4, that's $2.00 each.
Minute Rice $2.09-..50(q) doubled =$1.09
Blue Bonnet Stick butter .75 each, I got 3! I LOVE this butter, great for pound cakes :)
Frozen Dinner Rolls $2.49-.50(q) doubled =$1.49
Kraft Naturals Shredded Cheese 3/$5,I bought 6=$10-.50(q)doubled-.50(q)doubled-$1/2(q)-$1/2( =$6.00 for all 6!! Great deal!
Lean Pockets $1.67-.50(q)doubled-.40 loadable coupon on my Kroger card =.27 cents!!
Kroger Pasta .88 cents each
34 lb Purina Dog Food Sale Reg.$22.99 SALE$18.99-$3.50(q)=$15.49
Jello Pudding 6 pk. $1.99-.60(from Sunday's paper)=$1.39
Ritz Crackers $3.28-$1(q) =$2.28
Wheat Thins $2.20-coupon for B1 Ritz get Wheat Thins Free= FREE!
Kraft Salad Dressing $1.69-$1( =.69 cents!
Kroger Pie Crust 2/$3
Pampers Wipes $2.59-.50(q)doubled-.50 loadable coupon =$1.09
Huggies Wipes $2.59-.50(q)doubled = $1.59
Kroger Milk $1.99
Total OOP: $47.50
So far this year, I've saved $189.95 with my Kroger card!!

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