Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~Right on TARGET~

I braved Target with 2 kids today, it was an adventure, but so worth it. I got a few good deals :)

Pampers Diapers Clearance $20.28-$1.50 (q)=$18.78, that's 15 cents a diaper!!

Ziploc 12 pc. Containers Clearance $2.78

Degree 2 pk. Clearance $4.25-.75c (q)=$3.50

Secret 4 pk Clearance $4.25-$1 (q)=$3.25

Total $28.31-$5 Target Gift card earned this week = $23.31 GREAT DEAL!! The diapers alone were more than that before they went on clearance.

Target had Pampers and Huggies Diapers on Clearance!! Great deals!!

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