Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Walgreens 05/31/09~ OOP $7.33

I LOVE the Wags in EVANS!!! The staff is great, NOTHING like the bad service I get on Fury's Ferry Road.

They have a coupon out today, for this location only, $3 of any $10 purchase, after coupons!
They do have these as you walk in the store also.

Mead Envelopes Clearance$1.09
John Frieda 3 pk Root Conditioning Clearance $2.69-$2 (coup)=.69
Crystal Light $1.99 each x 2 =$3.98-$2( =$1.98 for both!
Ecotrin $2-$2( )=FREE, plus you get $2 RR at checkout
Triaminic Vapor Difusor Clearance $4.59
Bic Sol Bella $4.99-$3(coup)=$1.99, you get $1 RR at checkout
I used $2 RR and the $3 coupon from the paper = TOTAL OOPS $7.33
Total savings was $18.39, that includes sales and coupons!!
I got $3 RR back on my receipt!!
I'm having a little trouble with my camera, I will post pics when I get it working :)

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