Sunday, May 10, 2009

~Walgreens Here I Come~ 2 stores in one day, why me. LOL

Okay, I went to Walgreens this morning and had my list and coupons in hand. I was prepared and ready to go. Well, I ended up having to go to TWO Walgreens stores, I'll explain later.
Store #1 Furys Ferry Road Location
Kotex 2/$6 -1.00 coupon-$1.00 coupon = $4.00
Kleenex Cottonelle Wipes $1.99 w/in store coupon-.50 coupon- $1.49
Total OOP was $5.49
Store #2 Washington Road Evans Location
4 Diet Mt. Dew + 1 Cherry Pepsi =$12 with in-store coupon
Reach toothbrush .99 w/in store coupon -.50 coupon = .49 each , I bought 2 and has 2 coupons.
Dental Floss .99
I also had a $1.50 RR that I used also
Total OOP was $12.47
Okay, store #1 wouldn't let me use my RR because they said that I had TOO many coupons and they just couldn't do it. They also didn't have any Dt. Mountain Dew or Cherry Pepsi in stock. They also didn't have the Reach toothbrushes that were advertised and the manager said that at this time they are not going to subsitute another toothbrush. She told me to check with another store. Which I'm SO glad that I did!!
As I walked into store #2 I was really on edge. I didn't know what to think.. I got a WONDERFUL surprise when I found an employee named Megan. She was very nice and helpful. They didn't have the Reach toothbrushes that were advertised, but the manager was nice enough to subsitute another Reach toothbrush instead. AND they even had their shelves stocked with ALL of the Pepsi products. I was VERY satisfied and I am now going to go to the Walgreens in Evans from now on. The store was clean and neat and the staff was great! Even the employees that I didn't talk to were smiling and greeted me when I walked through the door. I felt like I was in CVS. HAHA Ya'll know why I saw that , I LOVE CVS!! Well, have a great Mother's Day!!


JenniferK said...

4 Diet Mt. Dew + 1 Cherry Pepsi =$12 with in-store coupon ~ This is an excellent deal! My husband LOVES Mt. Dew but we usually only buy it or Coke when on sale. :) Too bad I missed this one... or is it still on sale?

Allison said...

Yes, that's all this week at WAGS. If you don't get the paper, just pick up the weekly ad at the front of the store. The coupon is on the first page :) Sorry, I should put that on there. Thanks for reminding me :)