Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~Bi Lo Buys Today~

Well, I went to Bi Lo today and got some great deals so I thought that I 'd share :)

Tide $5.68-.35(coupon from Sunday's Paper)-.35 (they doubled it)=.4.98

NyQuil $4.99-$1.00(coupon from Sunday's paper)= $3.99

Clorox 2 $5.99-$1.50(coupon)= $4.49, PLUS you get the Bleach FREE for purchasing this!! So, I got both for $4.49

Frosted Flakes $1.88-$1.00=.88 cents! I bought two! Go to to print these.

Total OOP= $15.22 I thought that I did good :)

Total YTD saved at BI-LO $767.76!!

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