Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~Free KFC Grilled Chicken Meal~

YUM! YUM~ Go to www.oprah.com and get your FREE 2pc Grilled Chicken Meal! Just go to "get your KFC coupon" on her website and print!! Enjoy! This offer is from 05/05/09-05/19/09, not valid on Mother's Day. Sorry guys, you can't take mom for a FREE meal on Sunday :) Enjoy! Thanks Jenna for sharing this!!


Nomad said...

is this new chicken from KFC fried and THEN grilled, or the other way around?

Allison said...

I'm not sure because they discontinued this because alot of the stores were running out of chicken. Can you imagine?? LOL You can take your coupon up to any KFC and they'll give you a raincheck.
Thanks for the comment.