Friday, April 24, 2009

~Don't Forget~

Don't forget to sign up for my free giveaway for the week! Also, don't forget to get your Dove SkinVitalizer at CVS this week for .50 cents!! I used mine this morning and my skin feels great! It let me print the coupon twice.

Has anyone else tried theirs yet?? I'm getting excited about my Sunday morning run to CVS. I love the staff there . I use the one on Old Petersburg Rd/ Baston Road and they're always so nice!


Jackie said...

I was also able to print two coupons and was able to pick up two of them. I haven't tried them. I have two teen daughters who will use them. I'm looking forward to my trip to CVS also. They recently remodeled the store by me and it is beautiful.
Have a nice weekend!

Allison said...

Great!! I tried going back on Saturday, but they were all sold out, I'm holding on to my coupon. Maybe it'll going on sale again. I've been using mine for a week and I love it!