Friday, April 17, 2009

~What a Week~

Well, I'm so thankful that it's Friday! It's been a crazy and fun week :) Tonight, me and my hubby get to have a date night, this is a rare treat so I'm SO excited! I just wanted to share some of the great freebies that I've gotten in the mail this week! I got my free issue of All You and the Oprah magazine in yesterday. Also, I got some free samples of Prilosec, Betty Crocker Mini Desserts, and some Always Overnights! I got all of this for free just by clicking on the links and signing up . I've provided all of them in previous posts! Most of the freebies come with coupons with them also. It only takes a few minutes to save alot and I'm loving it! I'm still new to all of this, so I'm still learning. Have a great weekend and if you have a site that I haven't posted on that could help our fellow bloggers, please share :)

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