Sunday, April 19, 2009

~How to Make Extra Money or Save Money in this Economy~

Here are a few that I have , let me know if you have any more.

1. Sell things on Ebay or Craigs List.
2. Have a yard sale.
3. Couponing!!
4. Shop on the clearance racks.
5. Shop at Consignment stores.
6. Buy when things are only on sale.

Got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by :)


Susan said...

Just adding a little more to your idea already posted about couponing. Clip coupons for your friends for things you know they will need, especially if they have a baby or toddler! Diaper coupons and baby wipes coupons are always appreciated! Have a coupon swap once a month. Ask your freinds and family to save the coupon flyers for you if they do not coupon.

Allison said...

Great idea Susan! Thanks for the input :) That would be alot of fun too!