Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Target Deals~

This is what I got at Target for $5.82 TOTAL!!
Lysol Cleaner on Sale $2.14-.50(coupon) =1.64
Cascade Rinse$3.14-3.14(coupon)= FREE
Swiffer Wet Jet Refill on Sale $3.41-1.50(coupon)=1.91
Dawn on Sale $2.49- 1.50(coupon)=.99
Clorox Wipes on Sale $2.28-1.00(coupon)= 1.28
The $5.82 is for the products I paid for that are in the picture! I'm sorry for the confusion.
I also got Huggies 324 ct Wipes on Sale $5.49-1.50(Target Coupon)-.75(Coupon)=3.24
Pampers Diapers $19.99-2.00 (Target coupon)- 1.50 coupon=$16.45
The cashier was wonderful and I got some great deals, I love Target :)


Susan said...


All that stuff totals $25.51, not $5.82. Maybe you added more stuff after you published that comment?

Allison said...

Susan, thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I did add a few more things, sorry, I fixed it. $5.82was the total for the products in the picture, sorry for the confusion. I fixed it. Thanks :)