Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Walgreens Disaster~

Okay, I think of myself as a reasonable person, but I had the worst customer service experience that I've ever had . I went to Walgreens and the cashier was so mean. He's usually not the nicest man, but he's never been rude. Today, he asked for my coupons, then he scanned my items, then when he came to my coupons, he wouldn't scan them, instead he just went through the bags and tried to find the item "that he had already scanned" and tried to match the coupon to it. I'm very confused about this, he made me feel like I was stealing. He would then proceed to scan the coupon. Then, I tried to use a coupon for my Hershey's kisses and he said that they weren't Hershey's. I told him that they were and it has Hershey's on the front, He then told me that I was short one bag so I couldn't use the coupon. I asked if I could just go back and get another bag and I apologized for not having enough, that was my fault. He then YELLED at me and HE asked to get the manager. By now, the whole store is looking and wondering what's going on. I have never been more humiliated in my life! I deal with people every day and I've never come across someone like this fella. He then told me that I had an attitude. How about that for customer service. I did get my candy and I did talk to the manager who apologized for this rude behavior. I guess you win some you lose some, But I can honestly say that the cashiers on the weekend are alot nicer than this guy. I think he was just having a bad day or something, but he's okay until you get your coupons out. So, I was wondering if anyone else has had a great or bad experience with couponing?? This was the first time that I've ever had a bad coupon experience and I use coupons daily.

But enough of that, here are my Walgreen Deals :)
Hershey Kisses $1.25 each, I bought 3.
Hershey's Bliss $2.00 each, I bought 2.
$7.75-1.00(coupon)-1.00(coupon)-1.50(coupon)=$4.25 total I'll also get my Walgreens Rebate of $5 for buying 4 bags of Hershey's candy, so it's a MONEYMAKER!
CoffeeMate 16 oz. Creamer Sale 1.50-1.00(coupon)=.50 each, GREAT DEAL!
Also, select Kellogg's Cereal is 3/$10, I had a $1.00 coupon off each, so I got them all for $7.00, then you get $3 Register Rewards. So, that's like getting all 3 boxes for $4.00! you can't beat that :)
Total savings today was $20.98 at Walgreens!


cd0103 said...

I went to Walgreen's with coupons for the first time last week and had a horrible experience. The clerk looked through every bag to find items (at CVS they just scan unless it beeps at them) to match coupons. I was so frustrated by the time I got out of there that I forgot to get my RR and they were definitely not handed to me. It was horrible.

CVS is much easier to deal with unless they are busy and then I just keep shopping until they slow down.

Allison said...

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience, I agree, CVS is ALOT more customer and coupon friendly :) I'm going to try the other Walgreens and see if they're any better since it's right around the corner also. And you're right about the RR, I had to ask for them. It's sad that it's like that, but I'm going to keep on couponing and I hope you do the same. Thanks so much for sharing your story and stopping by my blog :) Have a great day!

DeAna said...

I've had several awful experiences using coupons at Wal-Mart. Depends upon who's cashiering at the time, but they usually whip out the attitude as soon as I hand them my Interne coupons. I had one experience that was so bad, I called and spoke to the manager as soon as I got home to complain (and I've never been a complainer!).

Blake said...

Hey Allison I am so sorry he was mean to you! I had a bad experience at that Walgreens as well. They had a special going on for buy 3 12 packs of pepsi products for like eleven dollars. So I went and got my Dr. Pepper's and went to the cash register. Well I had the same man with the nasty attitude and he proceeded to tell me that Dr. Pepper is not bottled by Pepsi and I ended up having to pay full price!!!!! He was not nice at all either when letting me know. Well yesterday I went to kroger and they had 3 12 packs of Pepsi products for ten dollars and I got 3 Diet Dr Pepper's for ten dollars. Now tell me how that works?

Susan said...

Allison and everyonelse, So sorry you had to deal with the humiliation that man put you through. Next time you go and you get him again, tell him you want him to match up the coupons BEFORE he bags the items. If he says no then ask for the manager again. Everyone needs to do the same thing whenever this man is rude. Just keep asking for the manager. I think that together you can all help him into a different occupation! He obviously doesn't belong working customer service. If you see the manager in the store while you are shopping, ask him/her to please come with you to checkout so they can observe his attitude at the start. Let the manager know he is rude to you every time you come in and that you would feel a whole lot better if a manager were present. You should also call or write a letter to the corporate office. They have a way of "fixing" these problems very quickly.

Susan said...

I have never had any bad experiences using my coupons at any of the stores I shop at. The clerks are all awesome! I shop at Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie and Dollar General all in Palm Coast, FL. Publix and CVS are the only ones that sorted out the products and matched up the coupons before ringing up the order. They are told to do this. When I remember, I just place the coupons on top of the items as I am unloading them from the carriage to the counter. This saves the clerk time.

Susan said...

Hey Blake! No, you are not losing your mind. The clerk at Walgreen's was wrong when he told you Pepsi doesn't bottle Dr. Pepper. In fact they do. Copy and paste this into your browser: Then scroll down to distribution. About 30% of Dr. Pepper is bottled by Pepsi. That is why Kroger allowed you the promotion.
You should print this out and show it to the rude clerk, and his manager.