Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Week

I'm fixing to wake Faith up so she can ready for school. The house is so quiet, This is the only quiet time I have to myself all day... It's only about 15 minutes, but I enjoy it :O) It's funny the little things we enjoy.. I drink my coffee and watch a little bit of the news and then it's time to get ready for work and the chaos begins. Brent and Ayden have already headed out the door.. Brent is going to work and to take Ayden to day care. WOW!! It's amazing at what a great husband I have!! He takes Ayden to day care for me so I can get ready without having a one year old yelling for his mommy to pick him up. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring husband!!You moms know how hard it is to shower, get ready and head out the door with a one year old in tow. LOL I never thought that I would be married to such a great man and have two beautiful kids and be so happy!!! Me and Brent are fixing to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, time has flown by so fast.. I know that time goes by so fast and we are trying to enjoy this time. We don't get alot of "alone" time unless the kids are both in bed and by then we're so tired that we hit the sack too.. I know that I'll look back one day and miss these sleepless nights and the sound of a screaming baby. Right now, I'm just enjoying what every day brings.. I never know what the kids are going to get into or what is going to come out of their mouths.. Kids say the darnest of things! HAHA I hope that everyone has a great day and just remember to treasure the little things :O)

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