Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's finally the weekend

Here are few pictures that I took this weekend. The one with of the kids is my favorite, they just woke up and they were just laying there together before we have to rush into the chaos of starting the day. It's so nice when we could just relax and enjoy each other. I'm heading to Aiken this morning to celebrate my best friend's birthday from Barnwell, she turned 30 last week. Her and Ayden are one day apart from each other. I think God did that on purpose, two of my favorite people share a birthday so close to each other. I hope everyone has a great day!!!

I also want to thank everyone who sent me emails and prayers yesterday because of the awful day that I had Thursday. I really do appreciate it and it helped, yesterday was so much better! I love you all!! I really do treasure my friends and family, God has blessed SO much!!

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